Larry Dean – Farcissist

Where/when: Pleasance courtyard, 19.15

Larry Dean is one of the fastest rising stars of comedy, by his mid-twenties he is a former Scottish comedian of the year and has appeared on radio on tv for the BBC and in Australia. This year’s show Farcissist is the follow up to his Foster’s newcomer award nominated Out Now!, and the first half show exactly why he has been receiving such acclaim.

Revolving mostly around the death of his grandmother and a number of bad dates, the show has a clear narrative and is grounded charmingly by Dean’s stutter, which he admits comes out when he is being too honest. From this you get the feeling that the material actually means something, and is refreshing in how raw it seems to be.


Starting by talking to a mate in the audience who claims it to be the 2nd anniversary of his leg amputation, tonight’s show got off to what I must assume is an unusual start. However, he incorporates this cleverly, engaging well with the friend and the audience as a whole and getting into his planned material. The material is fantastic, comments on his inability to appear camp and the struggles of being a Scottish man in London are fantastically well done and hilariously funny, receiving big laughs.


However, as the set goes on the laughs start to thin out a bit  and there are some longer gaps between punchlines and the laughs aren’t always big enough to make up for it. One story, of being on an Australian tram without a ticket, fails to deliver any big laughs and just seems to peter out without a punchline, for example. However, the last couple of minutes do bring it back, cleverly wrapping the show up and incorporating a 40 minute long callback incredibly cleverly.


In all, Farcissist shows Dean to be an engaging and charming performer with a clever turn of phrase, but the material may sufferer slightly from second album syndrome and doesn’t always live up to the performance.

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