Lake Komo On Tour

Finishing up their tour the talented Lake Komo popped into Sneaky Pete’s to play one of the most exhilarating forty-five minute sets I’ve had the pleasure of encountering.  With one summer anthem, Milwaukee, behind them – already having graced the BBC Radio One playlist and several new more soulful songs on their playlist their sets promise to have a wide range of songs with something from everyone.


A talented four piece band with Jay Nudd at its head on vocals they are a close knit group who clearly bounce well off each other. Milwaukee focuses on a break up Nudd experienced and was the one of the first track they wrote together and it is a hell of a first track. A solid hit with a clear path and easy lyrics it is easy to see why it was chosen by BBC Radio One to play. It’s a joy to listen to and stunning to see live.


Playing Milwaukee towards the end of the set was a tactical decision as it is definitely one of their more upbeat hits and ended the gig on a high. After much pleading from the audience they came back on and played another song. Amongst the other tunes played was Resurrect which I particularly enjoyed. It had more of a pop vibe than some of the other songs and again felt a little more polished, similar to Milwaukee. Another one I particularly enjoyed was Manners as I thought the voice modulation orchestrated by Nudd was exciting to see live.


The drummer, Liam Maxwell, and the bassist, Pete Bentley, were clearly talented. Bentley unfortunately didn’t play in some of the more mellow songs which focused more on vocals and keyboard but when he did he brought some much needed energy to the stage with him and Nudd working off each other. Maxwell on the drums was a very solid presence throughout the show providing a constant beat for the band, and keeping the momentum going when they suffered technical difficulties at the beginning of the show. Jess Gould on keyboard and backing vocals worked well with Nudd, her voice very sweetly and softly rising over his in their more mellifluous songs.


To conclude forty five minutes was too short, and I will be looking out for their return gig. Having heard Milwaukee on the radio I had never found the

time to look up the rest of their music but having seen them live I want to stay on track with their next few songs and albums and who knows… maybe I’ll be saying in five years time I saw them in Sneaky Pete’s when they were small – it’s that kinda band with that sorta potential.

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