Keep On Walking Federico – Traverse Theatre

Running at the Traverse Theatre from May 9th – May 11th, Keep on Walking Federico is a poignant tale of soul-searching and self-discovery, written and performed by the earnest Mark Lockyer. Possessing clear talent in both script-writing and performance delivery, Lockyer manages to delivers this one-man show with the professionalism of a world-class actor, capturing the full attention of audience members from the beginning to the end of this 75-minute production.

The show opens with a minimalist stage set, comprising a single table and chair, with Lockyer greeting audience members as they enter the auditorium.The ground is laden with sand, complete with buried objects soon-to-be uncovered for storytelling. Hanging rainbow lights, which work together to create a timeless atmosphere that is reminiscent of a film-set, complete the image. Lockyer delivers this one-man performance in a string of personal anecdotes that are stitched together in a patchwork of montage brilliance, following his restorative journey to Spain, when his personal life took a turn for the worse.

The audience are humbled with the delivery of home-truths about love, friendship and family, which are all delivered in a refreshingly earnest fashion. Lockyer is able to evoke feelings of both empathy and discomfort from the audience. From emotional scenes involving discussions of domestic violence, to humorous recollections of having his three-piece downstairs suiteprodded by an intrusive doctor, Lockyer effectively executes every scene through playing several characters at once.

Lockyer managed to pull off playing (at least!) 10 different characters on stage, pulling out a colourful assortment  of various mannerisms and accents. He even signed in Spanish, which added to the stellar attraction of this performance. Though Lockyer was able to retain audience attention by varying his speed and intonation of delivery, this show may still have benefited from a cut or two, to make the running time an hour long. This would leave folks wanting more, as well as creating a worthy contender for the Fringe Festival in 2019!

The variety of talent expressed in this show is, once again, a testament to his Lockyers talent as an entertainer. This reviewer would definitely recommend for Federico to keep on walking!

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Daniella Cunliffe

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