Jess Robinson – Unravelled

Multi award-winning Jess Robinson returns with more spot-on celebrity impressions, musical comedy and stunning vocal gymnastics.

Jess runs onto the stage instantly demanding the attention of the audience commanding the stage with ease. Her band stands proud behind her, teasing her at times, but mostly providing support and encouragement in her lulls between impressions. Her banter with her band gives us a refreshing insight into who Jess is off stage which just adds to her charm whilst she is performing. Jess is definitely someone who assumes a personality to perform – a confident flirty young woman who knows her worth on stage and how to hold the audience in the palm of her hand – but she lets down this guard when conversing with her band.


I had imagined that an hour of impressions could become a little repetitive unaware of how many voices Jess can do. I’ve also always been a little sceptical about how accurate an impressionist could be and was delighted to be proved wrong on numerous occasions throughout the evening by Jess. The care in which she has to examine people’s mannerisms and replicate them to bring them to life on stage accurately and easily identifiably is executed alongside perfect professionalism and stagecraft.


She adds games with the audience to ensure she maintains their interest whilst also showing off that she is capable of other forms of comedy as well. Her crowdwork is insightful keeping the sold-out crowd interested and craving more. Her choice of songs and characters kept everyone entertained occasionally choosing some obscure characters that only certain audience members recognized but cleverly interspersing them between more famous personalities such as Aretha Franklin, Cheryl Cole and Lily Allen.

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