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Jarlath Regan – Arseways

Jarlath Regan is a joy to see. Situated deep underground on the bottom-most floor of the Tron, this show had me laughing from the depths of my stomach.

The pub is planted in a recess of the Royal Mile, and is mainly inhabited by local lads and lassies either catching up with mates or on casual work nights out. Most of the audience were aged thirty to fifty, and although I was one of the younger there Regan’s humour was accessible enough for me not to feel out of place.

Regan employs a safe repertoire of family-based jokes, in other words, he rips into his own domestic scenarios and thus relieves the need to breach topics which might offend anyone else. Toddler antics, wifely antics, fatherly antics, every generation is covered and made the butt of a joke – appropriate in a show entitled Arseways. Many of the comedians I have seen so far have tackled more controversial topics such as race or terrorism, and whilst I understand their reasons for doing so it nevertheless makes me a little uneasy. Regan is a safe bet; his humour is mostly harmless and his gentle Irish accent serves to increase the comedic value of each joke.

He reminded me slightly of Michael McIntyre but less silly. The show had the same feel-good factor and charisma, and Regan even had the distinctive strand of hair flopped over his forehead, bobbing about happily at every minor shake of the head.

A good atmosphere, a nice man just trying to earn some bread for the family, and a tide of hilarious anecdotes. Next time you feel like a pint head down to the Tron for an easy hour with a lot of laughs.

Jarlath Regan – Arseways is on at Just the Tonic at the Tron daily until 28th August, 7.40pm

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