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Is racism natural?

In this day and age we have come through many developments in the acquisition of liberty for the individual: the abolition of slavery, enfranchisement, liberation of women etc. Yet we might ask ourselves how racism and “xenophobic fear” might yet exist in our modern world. How is it that after all our attempts to bring people together over and above their national and ethnic loyalties we have yet again seen failure?

There have been reports of an increase in “racist” and “hate” attacks or confrontations following on from the vote to leave the EU. Multicultural Britain is seeing that the assumed fabric of its society is not as well bound as was once seen to be. Why is this seemingly a reality? Of course, we can come to the first conclusion that multiculturalism has not worked.

Multiculturalism has always been a concept throughout the world not least with the greatest if empire who had jurisdiction over multiple cultural groups such as the Romans and Ottomans. Some of this empires thrived simply on the material wealth that this control brought but also by the creating of an ‘umbrella culture’ or a concept of citizenship which allowed for localised cultures to exist and potentially thrive while seeking to encourage cultural cohesion overall. Immigration has always been a reality in Britain but specific multicultural policies, as we would understand it today, have only seen their implementation beginning in the middle of the twentieth century. The greatest issue with multiculturalism is not the bringing together or different cultures but it is when the dominant majority culture of the native population, in countries where this is a reality, has lost their cultural consciousness (I cannot speak for non-Western multiculturalism where perhaps the dominant culture is not necessarily the majority culture and where this assumption would not work). Without a dominant majority culture the multicultural society cannot exist as a cultural and social unit because what you have is not multiculturalism but instead cultural confusion.

As an aside point we must, however, understand how cultural consciousness can be harnessed as a means to incite violence within men who are suffering from social alienation, economic dysfunction or are suffering from boredom. These men believe in pseudo-culture and the promotion of degeneracy amongst the population without a mind to how these things are indeed negative and in opposition to the values they claim to hold. This is genuine racism: when men judge other men upon the basis of their race, nation or belief rather than the decency of their character. This is a point we will again revisit.

The second conclusion could be that racism or, at least, social disharmony has a natural origin within men. This is not to say that violence and genuine hatred of men as outlined above is justifiable but instead to say that nations themselves, which in their truest form are simply groups of people, prefer to be located amongst themselves and in their own cultural environments. Cultural consciousness is an awareness based upon individual knowledge of the nation’s history, and the reasons for outcomes of nation’s history; awareness of and adherence to the nation’s mythology, tradition and ritual; and lastly the individual’s understanding of their social position within the nation’s dominance hierarchy. Culture and cultural consciousness has to be a combination of all these things, or similar ideas, and cannot be viewed in a reductionist form as just one of these components. Nations prefer, in my opinion, to locate themselves around others who hold the same, or a similar, cultural consciousness to themselves. This can explain part of the issue with regards to the prevalence of racism in the modern world but in reality I think the greater conclusion is a combination of the three points made above.

Close location to those of the same, or similar, cultural consciousness is a preference of a nation of people, which is evident throughout history, but it is also a reality that there are those out there who promote degeneracy and violence as a means of making society atone for the mistakes of these individuals and potentially the mistakes of the establishment who may have made choices which impacted on these individuals. However, multiculturalism has not failed because the world is multicultural and where the border of one cultural meets the border of another then there exists a sense of multiculturalism. Instead, state multiculturalism has failed because multiculturalism in and of itself is a truly libertarian perspective – I have my culture and you have yours yet we do not have to impinge on the rights of one another.

This is the greatest failure: the modern world and the modern political establishment have chosen to impose themselves on the natural reality of people yet they have failed to deal with the degeneracy and lower instincts of men by implementing the law to keep all citizens of the state safe. Men have failed to implement the natural way and maintain it.

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