An Interview with Right Now’s Lindsey Campbell

Lindsey Campbell is a Scottish actor, starring in ‘Right Now’, by award-winning Quebecois playwright Catherine-Anne Toupin.

Before turning professional, she progressed through the Lyceum Youth Theatre group here in Edinburgh, and trained at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London.

Lindsey’s previous credits include ‘Nights’ with White Bear Theatre, ‘The Harvest’ and ‘The Big Meal’ at Theatre Royal Bath, and many TV appearances.

We interviewed her about returning to her hometown, tackling her role as Alice in the charged and exciting Right Now, and forging your own path through the theatre world. 

Hi Lindsey. What’s it like returning to perform inLindsey Campbell Headshot (1) Edinburgh again, after beginning your training and career with the Lyceum and the Traverse?

Exhilarating! And nerve-racking! Both theatres were a big part of my growing up and a constant friend on trips home. Opening night will be very special to me; a personal private triumph.

Alice is obviously a very complex and multi-faceted character. What has it been like trying to develop your character in a way which is simultaneously showing an extraordinary, ‘alien’ figure AND an also relatable and sympathetic one?

Like all good writing, every scene in Right Now is complex and multi-faceted, so for me it has been about playing the truth of each moment in the scene with the other characters. I don’t think of Alice or the struggles that she is having as ‘alien’. Rather just as a real person with real behaviour and tools to combat the difficult things that are happening to her.

How was it tackling the varied relationships between characters in ‘Right Now’? Were there any particular moments of the process which stood out for you when working with the rest of the cast and crew?

All the characters have very strong different needs and wants, which creates fantastic tension and hilarity. This makes tackling them very exciting and fun, and still after fifty odd shows, a challenge.

I remember feeling huge relief when we completed our first ‘stagger through’ on the last day of rehearsals.There is one scene in particular that I think we all thought we were never going to master! Luckily the whole company are very genuine and supportive. We have really enjoyed working together, and will be sad to finish.

And finally, do you have any advice for young people in the theatre world? What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started out?

My advice is to definitely join a local youth theatre. I am still close friends with people from The Lyceum Youth Theatre, one of whom is now a director at the RSC and another a very successful TV/Film composer. LYT gave us all a great foundation and the chance to explore what we were interested in. From LYT I got to perform at The National Theatre in London and also landed a lead part in a CBBC programme.

Go see as much theatre as you can afford of course. Do research on what plays are on where and with who. Read as much as you can and try to figure out what excites you. Everyone’s path is different so don’t compare yourself to others. And when it comes to auditions for drama school or other – be yourself!

Grace will be reviewing Right Now at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh. 

Right Now runs at the Traverse from the 19th April to the 7th May 2016.

Read Lindsey’s city guide to Edinburgh here:

Many thanks to Lindsey for her time in answering some questions for Young Perspective. We look forward to seeing her and her co-cast’s performances next week. 

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