iDENTiTY (Anomaly Theatre Company: Sweet Holyrood 3)

Plays like iDENTiTY are what the Edinburgh Fringe Festival was created for. Anomaly is a home-grown Edinburgh based theatre company, who with their Fringe debut, have created something truly remarkable.

If I were to recommend any play to a tourist wanting the full Edinburgh Fringe experience, it would be this one. Weaving in and out of the crowds, down to the bottom of the Royal Mile, I got lost a couple times trying to navigate which of the many small winding alleys took me to the MacDonald Hotel. Once there I was beckoned into a tiny room with a tiny floor space surrounded by thick black curtains. No space for big props or staging here and I almost knocked over the tech desk when taking my seat. However, when the first actor entered the space, the audience were captivated. This show didn’t need any extra trimmings, or even comfy seats, it was just that good!

Jack Jackman is the writer AND director AND a performer, not to mention also created all the music and set for this performance. Obviously an incredibly talented man. Being so many key roles is often frowned upon but Jackman shows it can be done, and done incredibly well.

The play showcases six twisted shorts on the subject of identity. All equally as thought provoking, Jackman makes insightful observations on societies dark narcissism, our masks and deceptions and our illusion of control over our own lives. Tackling heavy subjects such as Big Data keeping watch over your internet history, Eugenics and the idea that your identity is simply a social construct, nothing more. Black Mirror-esque in their content with many twists and turns, Jackman always keeps the audience on their toes.

This project is an actor’s dream; a mishmash of complicated characters with depth, allowing the actors to show a wide, diverse range. Usually I give particular mentions, but all six actors rose to the challenge beautifully. They calmly tackled the extreme, slipped in and out of well developed psyches (complete with different accents) and all with superb comic timing. Some of the best acting moments I have seen this far at the Fringe.

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A 23 year old, working as an actor, writer and director. Born in Glasgow and moved to Edinburgh five years ago to study Acting and English at Edinburgh Napier.
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