Have I Told You I’m Writing a Play About My Vagina? – Edinburgh Fringe Review

‘Have I told You I’m Writing a Play About My Vagina?’ raises awareness about vaginismus through the tale of Bea, played by Christelle Elwin, and her struggle with the condition. Joining her onstage is her vagina (Lottie Amor), who narrates Bea’s experience in a very fluffy pink tutu.

The message behind this production is truly empowering: self-worth is more important than sex ever is, and we all have problems that would feel less like problems and more like variations if we could talk freely about them. The relationship between Bea and her vagina, with an intimacy that mirrored that of two childhood friends, certainly impressed that message on the audience; they grew to love each other, meaning that Bea had grown to love herself.

I do wish that the other relationships that had been conveyed had been quite so convincing, as the two men she seemed to have a slight connection with, Josh and Stan (both multi-rolled by Amor), both ever so slightly missed the mark. It was clear their interactions were supposed to be awkward, however the scenes felt slightly less-rehearsed or uncomfortable for both the actors, moreso than intended.

Both actors gave powerful and invigorating soliloquies; the pain that Bea’s vagina felt upon trying out dilation methods needs special mention, with the suffering conveyed by Amor in this scene conveying a heart wrenching vulnerability.

‘Have I Told You I’m Writing A Play About My Vagina?’ as a production has a wonderful message that should be projected throughout the Fringe Festival. However, the chemistry between some characters, and the comic timing of many moments in the script, struggles to come to fruition.


Have I Told You I’m Writing A Play About My Vagina? runs until the 25th of August – buy tickets here.


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