You and I: A New Musical – Edinburgh Fringe

Colla Voce Theatre Company returns to the Fringe once again, after their smash hit, Buried, took the festival by storm last year. The multi-award winning company had plenty of hype to live up to, and they certainly did not disappoint. You And I follows the story of Fran, who lives a relatively isolated experience up until her sister’s latest experiment, an A.I named Robert the Robot, rocks up at her door.

There was not a weak link within the small cast; Laurence Hunt conveyed an extremely endearing A.I as Robert the robert, with his “Siri”-esque voice and earnest naiveté winning over the audience quickly and with ease. Lindsay Manion, as Fran, carried the musical sections with a beautiful folk voice that was very much suited; Musical Director and Composer Cordelia O’Driscoll should be patting herself on the back for producing yet another delightful score.

Additionally, the fact that the three piece band remained on the stage aided the set, as it created the impression of a cluttered music lover’s bedroom. Will Taylor’s portrayal of Ian, the man who moves in next door and takes it on himself to bring Fran out of her shell, contained just enough of that “confident cheeky chappy” energy to be charming, rather than overbearing. Cara Withers and Martha Furnival, brought life to many roles, but in particular Fran’s villain flatmates. Cara Withers’ portrayal of Alice, Fran’s sister, had a heartwarming familiarity to it that made their relationship believable.

I have seen plenty of plays at the Fringe that are diminished slightly by the short run time the festival requires- an hour is long at all. But, running at 75 minutes, the end to this lovely new musical does not feel rushed. Overall, it’s a delight to watch, and you would be silly to miss it.


You And I runs until the 26th of August – buy tickets here.

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