Where/when: George Square Theatre, 10pm

Have you ever wanted to give improv comedy a go but are set back by crippling stage fright? Then Hyprov might just be the (silly-named) show for you. Featuring legendary improviser and Whose Line alumni Colin Mochrie and master hypnotist Asad Mecci, the show features audience members being hypnotised into being improv actors to partner Mochrie in scenes. If nothing else, this may be the most interesting show concept in the festival.

The first ten or so minutes drag a little, as it is just Mecci slowly lulling the volunteers into a deep hypnosis but is necessary and certainly worth it once the show gets going. Five volunteers take part in games such as singing a blues number and portraying wild west sushi bandits (featuring one volunteer being frozen in the most amazing facial position) and the results are stunning.

Always truly in character, whether interpretive dancing to get a job as a funeral director or mourning the loss of a horsey friend, it is amazing to see them truly be taken in by it and you can almost feel their friends videoing the results for posterity.
Mochrie is in top form, riffing off of the audience suggestions and volunteers lines, even if some are somewhat bizarre or monosyllabic, and always bringing the scene forward and adding big laughs.

Again, the only thing that lets the show down the pauses between games where the volunteers are reprimed for the next scene but this is a necessary evil in a show of this type, and even seeing the ease and skill with which Mecci keeps them under is astounding.

To round up, it must be said that this is a uniquely hilarious and interesting show that you really have to see to believe even in spite of the somewhat dumb name. And who knows, you may even become one of the cast members.

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