Hot Gay Time Machine – Edinburgh Fringe 2018

They’re hot, and they’re gay, and there’s a time machine… what else do you need? Zak Ghazi-Torbati and Toby Marlow takes their audience on a hilarious, glittery, and surprisingly heartfelt romp through their lives as queer men in the Belly Dancer venue at Underbelly Cowgate.

As you enter the venue for Hot Gay Time Machine, the music blasts and the mood is high. Ghazi-Torbati and Marlow welcome you to your seats, dancing and singing the whole way through. The high energy is infectious, and it sticks with the audience for the entire show.

Hot Gay Time Machine does exactly what it says on the tin- an hour of stories about being two gay men, accompanied by incredibly clever original songs and the occasional dance routine. But amongst the expected jokes about BeyoncĂ© being a walking goddess is some unexpected heart. One particular stand-out scene concerns the boys’ coming out  speeches to their mothers, and there’s many references to the social capital the men still hold despite being gay. The show is not, however, too in-your-face in it’s reflective moments- every message deemed ‘sooooo political’, in sarcastic tone of voice, is accompanied by it’s own jingle.

Hot Gay Time Machine from @hotgaytheatre on Twitter

The duo are incredibly talented- the show is a testament to their musical talent, with Marlow tickling the ivories and Ghazi-Torbati riffing to high heaven. And not to mention their dancing- my favourite scene had the pair dancing like straight men in a club (if you could call it dancing) before lamenting how being an ally means the gays get everything nowadays- such as the exclusive use of the rainbow and a lack of respect in society.

It’s clear there is chemistry between the two- and not romantically (though it’s definitely mentioned). The pair clearly have a very strong friendship and the show showcases it beautifully. Both have two shows at the Fringe separately; Ghazi-Torbati is directing comedy Big Shop, and Marlow’s musical Six was my Fringe favourite. If you’re looking for an hour of big laughs, touching stories, and a massive sing-a-long of Seasons of Love (which of course the entire audience knows), Hot Gay Time Machine is for you.

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