Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus at the Edinburgh International Festival was a show by the Philippe Saire company for families. Dance, theatre and art were brought together to tell a story of two heroes and their journey together to overcome their fears.

The entire production was spellbinding, with fantastical worlds created in a box in the centre of stage. Hard to describe but two men were contained for 45 minutes in a square box raised about half a man’s height of the ground. The darkness behind them served as their backstage as they dipped in and out of the light border around the box. There was an incredible control in the choreography that carefully ensured only the desired parts of the body were caught by the light and illuminated for the audience to see.

The appearance of certain set pieces was absolutely magical with audience members oohing and gasping in shock as items appeared from nowhere. My own wow moment was the spider web that suddenly appeared out of nothing completely solid and able to take the weight of the men before suddenly vanishing. An enjoyable 45 minutes that personally I felt struggled to keep the attention of younger children due to the lack of dialogue, it was certainly a different way to perform!

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