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I am a total indie rock guy, liking nothing more than standing at the back of an intimate venue, and moving as little as possible whilst still classifying it as dancing (because I am far too cool for real expression). As such, I loved the opportunity to see Spanish indie rockers Hinds at the Caves in Edinburgh.

It is difficult writing about live music, as the temptation is always to compare the band to other similar bands. With that in mind, Hinds seemed to beautifully combine the guitar riffs of The Corral, with the subtly beautiful vocals of The Cardigans’ lead singer Nina Persson, and it works so wonderfully. However, where it truly comes together is in the lyrics. Take the following couplet from ‘New for You’.

Imagine walking on the Sun in Arizona
I don’t want to disappoint you now with my persona

That is a simply lovely lyric, the sort of thing Shakespeare might have written if he were in a touring rock group, and this live set is full of such moments of subtle lyrical wonder. This was one of those nights where you see as many people smiling at the discovery of a clever new song as singing along in glee at an old favourite. The crowd seemed entranced the whole time. The stage presence of the quartet is electric, and they clearly enjoy being onstage as much as the audience does. Against the (often unfair) stereotype of indie bands not being able to live up to the hype and disappointing live, these guys truly shine.

This is just an unrelenting stream of indie rock joy, rarely a down moment in the entire set, and nothing you can’t just let yourself go to and lose yourself in the moment. It makes me incredibly happy to have found a new favourite to add to my spotify playlist, and ‘British Mind’ will definitely be in heavy rotation with me, if for no other reason than for how accurate the lyrics feel. If you can catch them live then do so, otherwise settle for listening to their lovely new album, which I haven’t managed to stop playing since.

Contrary to their lyric ‘I just want to know it’s over’, this was one of those nights you could enjoy going on and on.

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