Hansel and Gretel

Scottish Ballet returns to Edinburgh Festival Theatre for its annual anticipated Christmas ballet. Hansel and Gretel was first premiered in 2013 and as Christopher Hampson claims it is a ballet created by the Scottish http://www.cialispharmaciefr24.com/does-cialis-help-bph/ people through the input of both adults and children across Scotland.


An interesting concept to see Hansel and Gretel as a ballet, it surprisingly works. Although there were a couple of issues with the story telling aspect through the dance, the talent and effort poured into the execution of the show was breath taking.


Extremely talented dancers brought the show to life, working with what I imagine is quite a difficult story to translate to dance. The company had chosen to focus on a darker telling of Hansel and Gretel but it felt that the production was not fully committed to telling the story. Unfortunately, too often it felt like a dance was thrown in for the sake of a dance rather than because it added to the telling of the story. Whilst I understand it is primarily a dance piece it is important to not lose the story as well, as at the end of the day, that is what people have come to see.


One of the best dances of the night was that of the drunk father of Hansel and Gretel. It perfectly summarised his character and allowed the audience to get a real insight into his attitudes and relationships with his wife and children. It brought comedy to the stage and lightened the mood before we descended into the darkness of the wood with the runaway children.


The witch was portrayed as a white fairy to start which was a little confusing and perhaps not the best way to first bring her to the stage. With a lot of children in the audience it is better for characters and their position in the story (good or evil) to be clear for them. Later in her cialis dapoxetine lair she comes into her own as the evil old woman preying on children but initially her ulterior motives had not been obvious.


However, the level of dancing was incredible and they reminded the audience that they bring world class ballet to Scotland representing Scotland’s creativity through ballet. Hansel and Gretel is a national piece with fantastic set and tech, props that looked good enough to eat and a dark tale bringing the spooky side to Christmas.

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