Grimm: An Untold Tale

Grimm: An Untold Tale – Fiercely Spun
4th-28th August (not the 17th), 12:30
Underbelly, Cowgate (Venue 61)

The Grimm Brothers wrote 214 fairy tales in the 19th century, and whilst it would be hard to find someone who has not heard of them or any of their stories, many people might not know that most of these classic stories were provided by women. Fiercely Spun has created a play which tells the lesser known story of the women behind the fairy tales. Fiercely original and intriguing, this is definitely worth a watch.

Enlisting the help of women to write their collection of fairy tales, Grimm: An Untold Tale follows the story of three particular women who contributed stories to the collection: Dortchen (Jodie Garnish), Marie (Indigo Griffiths) and Dorothea (Ellie Whittaker). At the time of the Napoleonic Wars, when Napoleon had begun to invade the Prussian states, these women and the Grimm Brothers fought to preserve their culture and stories.

An original and true story behind the famous fairy tales has been developed by Fiercely Spun into a simple piece of theatre that lives up to expectations. Garnish, Griffiths and Whittaker narrate the story and play multiple different characters excellently, all distinguishing between their multiple roles. The music played by David Green also added to the performance beautifully, however the various songs were a little strange in the story. Whilst they were perfectly fine in terms of performance, the dancing made them a little hard to understand at points and was a little strange.

Nevertheless, the plot is clear and we come to care for all of the characters in it. It is also a nice touch that the actual fairy tales told in the show are some of the lesser known stories by the Grimm Brothers, such as the second Red Riding Hood tale. This was a nice touch because it proved that Grimm: An Untold Tale, was not just another retelling of the famous stories told millions of times before.

An intriguing and original piece of theatre has been developed here which captured my attention from start to finish. Performed brilliantly and with some beautiful music to accompany the action onstage, it is important not to forget the women who helped provide the stories but whose names were omitted from the published collection.

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