There’s A Globe Stuck In My Throat – Chrysalis Festival 2018

Bold and unflinching, Junges Ensemble Marabu present a provoking discussion on the problems of poverty and hunger in the modern world. However, in its attempts to be shocking, it slightly offends. The Chrysalis Festival is dedicated to providing a platform for young voices in theatre, attracting attention from around the world.

This young German company are an impressive bunch, fully embracing the dramatic and confronting the audience with difficult topics. Draped in all kinds of neon and sequins, members of this pseudo-UN gather to solve world hunger, clambering up, over, and along tables, shouting and singing their positions on the issue of global suffering. The aim of the game is to prove which argument is the most persuasive. The overwhelming realisation that their sympathy is performative is a dark and realistic one that forces us to reassess our own relationship to the issue.

While credit has to be given for voicing controversial topics, the show is a tough watch at times, most notably a sequence in which the cast decide which Third World child to deprive of food. This remains undeniably effective in conveying its point. However, because of the bleakness of the tone at times, attempts at humour or levity do not land or sit well.

The company are energetic and eager. There is not a shaking voice or hand between them, only a collection of dynamic stage presences that demand attention, and get it. A talented troupe, Junges Ensemble Marabu must be congratulated for their production’s unperturbed deep dive into the problems with wealth and development in the present day. While it does not offer any answer, and sometimes borders on guilt-tripping, There’s A Globe Stuck In My Throat is a brave show that will not stand for ignorance.


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