We should be glad we do not live in a Democracy

The United Kingdom is not a democracy: it is a unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy in which we employ democratic means in order to elect those who represent us. We employ representative democracy as our means of making our parliamentary constitutional monarchy functional but we do not live in a representative democracy in and of itself. Democracy leads to demagoguery because democracy is quite simply the rule of the majority which does not promise protection of minorities. In fact, this fact can be quite accurately reflected in the case with Brexit.

In 2016 we were offered the chance to cast our vote in a referendum regarding membership of the European Union. By a majority of 51.9% we choose to leave but, in terms of national population, only 37.47% of the country decided that we should leave. Of course, democracy does not compel or demand that one should take part, this is a basic aspect of freedom, but because we have turned democracy and all associations thereabout as ennobling we have therefore led people to believe that their voice is higher than that of established law. I spoiled my ballot paper even though I favoured, and still favour, Brexit but the establishment has signed its own death warrant with the referendum. Democracy leads to demagoguery and the current legal and political moves to block the votes reflects this – even though the current moves to indicate that there is a process to be followed because people believe democracy to be greater than law these moves http://www.cialisgeneriquefr24.com/cialis-dapoxetine/ are ultimately seen as regressive by the voters. The referendum had and has no legally binding status nor was there any compulsion for its occurrence other than a Conservative Party attempt to prevent voter mutiny to UKIP. However, because democracy has been made to be an ennobling term and people have been duped into to believing they now live in a democracy the establishment will have to navigate this minefield very carefully. Members of Parliament might well render themselves obsolete if they vote against the wishes of their constituents and if the House of Lords votes against a pro Brexit motion they may as well have abolished themselves. The only thing that works in the establishment’s favour is that the current government are rather clueless on the whole with regards to their Brexit plan and thus the House of Lords, even if they go against the referendum result, may yet remain. This is the problem with Democracy, if the people believe they have it and they are told it is a good thing then no amount of telling of the contrary can undo that and while all this goes on the ‘fringe’ parties of the SNP, UKIP and Greens, to name but a few, keep accumulating support. This is just a reflection of how out of touch the main parties now are with the voters but in its place comes populism.

Populism is a term of denigration more commonly used to describe politics of a right wing nature which play on garnering intense crowd support and using the mass of the people to propel themselves into power – it does not rely on factual debate or structured debate. The SNP are the greatest example of this with their anti-austerity, pro LGBT, pro equality, pro free tuition stances but in reality they have a lot of shortcomings. The number of poorer students entering universities has fallen even with free tuition; literacy and numeracy rates are declining in schools; the number of adults and children in poverty has risen; there is a continuing disaster with the rail infrastructure, but at the end of all that they can still use Westminster and the Union as their scapegoat. It is indeed true that in absolute terms that Scottish budget has been cut over the years but the recent Autumn Statement just committed £800 million more to the Scottish budget and they yet still complain. Scottish people have grown tired with the political establishment which has been shown no more clearly in the landslide SNP victories of the last five years but people will be disappointed by the SNP and the SNP will fail people. People actually believe in certain cultural slogans such as ‘England still rules Scotland’ which is a factually incorrect statement and shows how little people understand of their own national history and culture. People would actually much rather believe in a simplistic view of their own cultural heritage than accept that the SNP have just capitalised on the failures of Labour in Scotland.

This is the greatest tool of the populists: to use the ennobled term of democracy as a means to motivate the people to achieve what they feel they should achieve but in doing so the populists have made equality their highest goal over freedom – thus the culture of entitlement has been created. Democracy is flawed and it’s time we faced up to that but we now live in a society for which the highest virtue is compassion and that is fundamentally deplorable.

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