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Ghost the Musical returns to Edinburgh in a reimagined version of the musical inspired by the 1990 film of the same name. This production features new music and an expanded book alongside the original staging from the 2011 production.

The story revolves around Molly and Sam, a young couple who have just moved into their first apartment together in up-and-coming Brooklyn, New York. Molly is an artist and when walking home from a gallery opening, they are attacked, resulting in Sam getting shot whilst trying to protect Molly. However, Sam doesn’t simply proceed to the afterlife and instead it emerges that his job is not quite done. He has to protect Molly as a ghost through the medium of a psychic swindler, Oda Mae.

The cast features Rebekah Lowings and Niall Sheehy as the leading couple who have crackling on stage chemistry in the passionate scenes before Sam’s demise. They are very believable as the happy, newly-moved-in couple and the later heartbreakingly sad post-death couple. The West End’s Jacqui DuBois plays Oda Mae Brown who helps Sam protect Molly and discover who killed him and why. This part was made famous in the film by Whoopi Goldberg, and DuBois is fabulous in the role with a hilarity that really adds a great dimension amongst the sadness and poignancy. Her stunning vocals certainly add to the overall effect.

The tension builds very well in the second half, leading to a palpable finale with Oda Mae helping to save the day, much to her own displeasure. The music is beautiful, with a modern score that mixes well between slow ballads and upbeat numbers, keeping the pace moving well. The cast members have astounding vocals. They create a strong sound in both solos and ensemble numbers.

The story transitions very well from screen to stage, which is a large achievement on its own. It’s a classic and poignant love story;  many audience members left with tears in their eyes. I would wholeheartedly recommend this show. There were very few weak points and it is an enjoyable night for anyone who enjoys a romance.


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