Geoff Norcott: Right Leaning But Well Meaning

The flatcap-wearing, Home County accented, designer handbag carrying clientele of Geoff Norcott is unlike that which most stand-up comedians attract. Perhaps this is due to his unusual pitch. A fan of Theresa May and a soft Brexit, Norcott is fairly pleased with the way the political landscape sits today. More David Cameron than David Davis, Norcott hopes for a socially liberal future to the Conservative Party. He takes the time to let the audience get to know him, presenting himself sympathetically yet still able to poke fun at himself.

The majority of Norcott’s material follows a similarly political vein. From the politics of Jeremy Corbyn to the personality of Donald Trump, Norcott provides a wonderfully witty criticism of populism in modern society. Pointing out hypocrisy on the left and right of the political spectrum, no-one is safe from Norcott’s sharp gaze. He manages to present all this with brilliant humour and cogent argument.

With a mild mannered, polite personality, Norcott does his best not to offend. Now in his 40s, Norcott muses that he might be out of touch with the youth of today.  It is a testament to his character that he openly offers himself up for heckling by anyone who believes he has said something inappropriate.

Somewhat treading on eggshells at the start, it takes a while for Norcott’s routine to gain momentum. It would do him some credit as a comedian to have more confidence in his material. The pussy-footing introduction warms the audience to him as a person, but is not as funny as the later sections.

For such a rare kind of comedian, Geoff Norcott is an exceptionally normal gentleman. He never descends into being an ideologue, and presents an hour of incisive, often hilarious material. Simply for the fact he broadly succeeds at something that is rarely attempted, Norcott is well worth watching.

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