Gengahr Exclusive Interview

North-London quartet Gengahr come to Sneaky Pete’s this Monday 5th December as part of their UK headline tour. Taking the crowds through a mildly psychedelic journey of indie pop, the foursome are taking the alternative scene by storm, with their Edinburgh gig promising to make no exception. Supported by Caro, they will play a selection of songs from their debut album, “A Dream Outside”, as well as a sample of new music.

1) Who are your musical inspirations?

Sonic youth was my first and still a huge inspiration. Goo, dirty, daydream nation, murry street, rather ripped and evol are all in my top 10 favourite albums. I love the song writing, the guitar techniques and the production on all of them. Thee oh sees are another source of constant inspiration. Everything else seems to come and go, I was really into the chromatics for a while and I think that I influenced my playing in Gengahr initially but I don’t listen to them at all now. Most music is so transitory and of a time. Anyway, Cave In really influenced my guitar playing, some of my favourite ‘spacey’ lead guitar playing. Strongly recommend checking out Jupiter.


2) What are three must-haves to take on tour with you?

1st This is really obvious but my favourite guitar, touring would really suck without it. I’m not particular about anything music equipment wise but that old yellow bastard is so much easier to play than any other guitar, makes me look I know what I’m doing.

2nd, lots of clean pants.

3rd good luck charm, a little gangar viagra sans ordonnance my girlfriend got me. The gig will be crap without it.


3) Is there anyone you want to collaborate with?I kind of want to collaborate with everyone. But more specific st Vincent/ Annie Clarke would be number one, but I rip off her guitar playing so much I probably wouldn’t add much. I really like drone music so Brian

I kind of want to collaborate with everyone. But more specific st Vincent/ Annie Clarke would be number one, but I rip off her guitar playing so much I probably wouldn’t add much. I really like drone music so Brian eno would be awesome as well. Although I would probably make it too intense to be any good.
4) How does it compare headlining rather than supporting when on the road?It’s a lot more

I’s a lot more hardwork, for one thing you have to play for twice as long. And you actually have to load in everything instead of just rocking up and begging to use the headline bands backline. Also I feel a huge responsibility to not suck if people are paying to come see you, like you can’t rock up super hungover and play crap if someone’s paid £10 to see you.
5) What’s your favourite song to perform?

I really enjoy tired eyes as I get to do a really stupid keyboard solo, I get a lot of attention during that. I think you’d have to come to the show to see what I’m on about.
6) Have you any hidden talents?

I’m really crap at pretty much everything so not really. Sorry.
7) Is there a particularly memorable gig you’ve given/ why?

Playing with alt-j at the o2 arena was without doubt the biggest gig we’ve ever played and ironically I don’t remember anything about it, other than walking around the o2 takes ages as its huge. We played a show recently where the opening band were really good but they had a proper dad manager who proceeded to invade the stage and play a tambourine solo whilst eating a banana. My advice to all bands starting out is to not allow your parents anywhere near the stage.
8) Most embarrassing moment of your 2016 tour?

I keep leaving the hotel every morning with toothpaste round my mouth so I’ve got a reputation now. It’s like I’ve turned into an old man.
9) Finally, (as it’s December) mince pies or Christmas pudding

I’m sorry but I don’t like either. I’m going straight for the haribo.


Guest Reviewer: Matthew Sedman

Catch Gengahr after Edinburgh

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