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The parties who are really worth your vote and the principles we should be working towards as a society.

I have been following the 2015 General Election Campaign as closely as I can, so much so I have taken up with the BBC’s Generation 2015 which has given me a few inroads into other aspects of the campaign. To sum up what I have seen thus far, I would say that it has been thoroughly dull and uninspiring.

I won’t go into each debate in turn and analyse the performances of every individual because there would be no need to. These debates have not enlightened us and frankly they have not pertained to give the electorate much information in the way of helping us. There is a real issue regarding trust and politicians, and as much as it looks like the SNP are set to win quite a majority of seats up here in Scotland I still don’t think people really trust Nicola Sturgeon and her party. They only offer an alternative…for just now.

Piece by piece, I believe people are waking up to realising how much the media really run the show, we can illustrate this by how much air time UKIP are given over the Green Party. Even look at the fact that Murdoch’s papers “The Scottish Sun” and “The Sun” came out to support, respectively, the SNP and the Conservatives. You might think you know what you’re talking about, well let me tell you this: you don’t know anything and neither do I.

Conspiracies aside, there are some “powerful” and wealthy people, I used quotation marks there to highlight that power is no tangible object but instead an idea, who control the country through their very actions and they’re not the politicians or the monarchy but those people behind them: the IMF, the World Bank, even lesser organisations like the IFS. Money talks and people listen but before I indulge myself by telling you my own vision of solution, I must highlight that it is not the solution but my own for I cannot force my belief system on anyone, I will talk about parties specifically.

Without going into great depth I want to highlight who I think you should consider and should not consider voting for. Firstly who you should not vote for which, admittedly, is the easier of the two:

  1. Conservative Party: they are a Thatcherite, neo-liberal machine who seek only to encourage people to act upon lower human emotions, such as greed and individualism, and pander to big money. They cleverly disguise this by smiling as they take an axe to everything this country stands for.
  2. UKIP: much the same as the Conservatives but UKIP are even more Thatcherite and are thoroughly a racist party. Multiculturalism is what has built Britain right from before Britain was even a concept. Do not be tempted by the idea that Nigel Farage is somehow a man of the people and supports workers.
  3. Liberal Democrats: the Liberals thoroughly sold themselves out following the 2010 General Election and claim that they had no hand in some of the worst decisions of the Coalition. In my view, any positive work they have done is outweighed by their mistakes. Also, they may claim to be liberal but they hide some neo-liberals in their ranks and are as far as you can get from the Liberalism of Gladstone and others of that era.
  4. Labour: without a doubt the biggest failing of the whole campaign. New Labour failed. And Old Labour is in the past but Ed Miliband had to opportunity to redefine the whole Labour Party by being pragmatic and genuinely committed to Left-wing policies. Instead, more cuts will be made and Miliband doesn’t strike me as a terribly great leader.
  5. And now for the minor parties for which you should not vote: BNP, English Democrats, Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol, Christian People’s Alliance, Monster Raving Loony Party, Communist Party of Britain, DUP, UUP, SSP, Respect, Sinn Féin, SDLP. Purely for the reasons that they either serve very little purpose, are one issue parties or have extreme views.

Parties that would be worth voting for:

  1. The Green Party: Absolutely, these guys provide the best chance of getting genuinely progressive politics into Westminster. We are often told using our FPTP system that a Green vote is wasted but if everyone did not vote tactically and instead voted with the party that best represented their views, then the Greens would be better represented.
  2. Scottish National Party: I have my concerns over how progressive the SNP truly are, but again they are certainly worth voting for due the general focus of their policies. They are devoted to representing the Scottish people and that is what counts.
  3. Plaid Cymru: They are devoted to representing Wales’ best interests and are a genuinely Left-wing and Socialist party. They should, if everyone votes for policies, have no trouble getting Labour out of Wales.
  4. Minor parties to consider voting for: TUSC, Left Unity, NHA, Mebyon Kernow, Pirate Party, Yorkshire First, North East Party, The Liberal Party, The Whig Party, Alliance Party. Although not all of these parties are necessarily Left-wing they do appear to have good policies.

Ultimately, it is your choice and I know who I am going to put my mark beside when I am in the polling booth. For months I was flirting with the idea of spoiling the ballot paper which is fine if none of the options genuinely resemble anything close to what you believe. However, if you are doing it through laziness, lack of research or because Russell Brand told you then spoiling ceases to be a genuine protest. Now, I am about to do something which I never thought I’d find myself doing but I am about to fully endorse a single party at this election, but remember it is up to you and these are only my opinions.

I believe you should 100% give your support to the Green Party. You have 6 days left and you should be looking to research the parties in your area but commit to the party which both represents your views. For once, I am telling you do not vote with your head but vote with your heart. FPTP doesn’t work and should be replaced but tactical voting will not fix that.

Now to round this whole thing I want to give you some food for thought. I want to loosely set out three political ideals I personally would like to see fulfilled but quite sadly due to their nature probably will not be:

  1. Absolute Democracy: I for one am sick of ill-informed opinions dominating this election, especially from politicians, but with the media we have in this country we can hardly blame people. Absolute Democracy is not only the abolition of politicians as we know it, people’s total engagement in the political process and abolition of all hierarchical systems which make people socially unequal. Although we are sold this pretence that everyone’s vote is of the same worth there are individuals in this country who do not have to vote to wield political power: this is wrong. All are equal so let’s reflect this is in our Democratic system.
  2. Abolition of Money: abolishing money would more or less instigate Absolute Democracy by itself but it would do far more. Think of all the things people do for money: commit crimes, work jobs they don’t like, spend time away from their family but, most crucially, do not have full happiness. Work would not disappear because things would still need to be done but people, without a monetary incentive, would be inspired by the will to create something of worth whether material or otherwise. Also materialism and environmental issues would cease to be because these are also ultimately driven by the want for money. Classes are an economic relationship which we cannot really change so if we truly desire classlessness then the abolition of money would achieve this.
  3. Application of Spiritual Principles: Reza Aslan said that during the life and times of Jesus of Nazareth there was “no discernible difference between religion and politics”. Now although I am critical of religion I also realise that the underlying spiritual messages relate to the natural way of human beings. Now although we must accept, remember this is just my opinion that things exist in polarities: selflessness and selfishness, compassion and violence etc. However, too often in politics we pertain to the lower level emotions and do not imbue people with compassion, generosity, forgiveness, humility, gratitude etc.

Our politics need fixing and I as an individual do not have the answers but I do believe that as a collective amorphous mass we can fix it. Don’t leave it to the politicians.


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