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Frank Turner: Touring is my main source of income

Singer-song writer Frank Turner has explained the price rise in tickets for his most recent UK tour after some fans complained about price rises on social media.

Last Wednesday tickets for the singer’s latest UK tour, Get Better, went on pre-sale. The tour is set to take in smaller venues across the country; places the singer misses on headline tours.

Standing tickets for the show are priced at £29.60 before transaction fees, which compares to £43.70 for seated tickets to Biffy Clyro in December or £77.00 for seated tickets to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers again at SSE Hydro.

Speaking to Young Perspective, Frank Turner explained that touring is his main source of income. He said: “I see people comparing my ticket prices now to 2007, which is nonsensical. I am bringing bigger productions and better supports with me as time goes by. I’m still well below the average ticket price for shows by artists at my level.

“I also don’t make money through pretty much any other streams, I want to make a living and pay my band and crew well; the profits (such as they are) after UK tours generally fund tours in other parts of the world where we lose money (Europe outside of Germany, Canada, some parts of the US, Australia).

“We don’t tour the UK nearly as much as we used to. And the tickets sell out in a few hours every time, so I’d argue that people aren’t complaining about a mild rise in price.”

Furthermore, a percentage of ticket sales to the latest tour go to charity. Frank Turner said: “Finally, we have a charity donation to WarChild

as part of the ticket price on this tour.”

With shows on the current tour selling out fast, the risk of touting is high. Ticket touting – reselling tickets for more than their face value – is something the singer has always vocally opposed and attempted to tackle, providing ticket trading threads on his forums and a Twitter hashtag.

He said: “We do what we can about touting; some of the more blanket schemes for dealing with them add significantly to the cost of the ticket (that’s why Glastonbury is so expensive, incidentally). We try and take down egregious online touting, and encourage people to trade tickets fairly online or at the shows. On the whole, it works really well.”

Talking about the tour, the singer who once paid £100 to see Bob Dylan, said: “It’ll be me and the Souls, hitting some parts of the UK that don’t usually get tours coming through. We

are purposely avoiding the major cities, the places we played on the last UK tour. We’re bringing Felix Hagan & The Family and Esme Patterson with us, which I’m excited about.”

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