Features Summary: May 2016

In total there were eight features written in the month of May, 2016 for Young Perspective.

Our first one was a piece regarding the Scottish Electoral system of Proportional Representation and the situation of potentially giving both of your votes to a party. This piece came as a result of the propaganda which existed during the time of the Scottish Parliament election encouraging voters to give full support to a single party – usually only the majority parties.

Next, we had a piece which discussed the SNP’s ‘historic’ win with regards to the Scottish Parliament election. The argument was then made as to why this was not necessarily a positive thing and as such should not be welcomed.

Following this we had a few wider discussion pieces: “Property and Morality”, “The Role of Political Correctness”, and “Evolution is not at an end”. Quite simply these were a series of pieces designed to challenge some of the social and cultural norms we see today and at least give space for them to be discussed. “Property and Morality”, in particular, was written in the wake of the Panama Papers’ release.

Katherine Halliday also wrote a feature this month for British Sandwich Week in which she took to the cafes and sandwich bars of St Andrews to find the top five. This gave us a nice bit of balance between the heavier articles this month and something a little lighter and less intense.

The last two features of the month were “Environmental policies and fossil fuels” and “The true impact of foreign labour”. Again these pieces were designed to challenge social and cultural norms but the latter piece in particular comes in anticipation of the European Referendum.

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