Exclusive PreFringe Interview with Joanna Wallfisch

Welcome to our exclusive interview with singer-songwriter Joanna Wallfisch who is bringing her story of a lifetime to the Fringe for our own enjoyment

Hello! How are you doing today?

Hi Tabitha, I’m doing well thanks. Just finished running my piece for the fringe, so feeling excited and inspired.


Is this your first time at Fringe? What do you expect?

This is my first time at the Fringe. I am expecting to be run off my feet, overwhelmed, and hungover a lot of the time. But on a serious note, I am doing this because I have put together, for the first time, a piece that incorporates both my music and my love of story telling in a setting that is unapologetic, theatrical, and totally unique. And with it I am diving head first into an environment that, I believe, embraces such things, and hopefully I will come out the other side of the festival with a greater knowlege of myself as an artist, some fantastic new colleagues, contacts and friends, and be ready to tour all over the country.


What is your main ethos that influences the work you put on?

I think that art, whether music, theatre, comedy, or dance, is vital and integral to human survival. I come from a very honest place in my work, and when I go on stage I hope to be able to connect with audiences in a deeper way that leaves them feeling not only uplifted, but as inspired as I have been to make the work in the first place.



What makes this show stand out at Fringe?

Aside from the fact that I will be playing five instruments at the same time? This is a true-life story about an adventure. It is not political, nor is it about heartbreak, sex, or anything juicy like that. I am going to be singing, looping, playing kazoo, ukulele, toy piano and melodica, creating soundscapes and birdsongs with my voice, while telling stories about befriending a fairground statue, or avoiding certain mishap with a father who gave his five year old son whiskey. It is a standout show, because the story is unique, and because my approach to music and story telling is not only quirky, but as adventurous as the stories I am telling.


Are you planning on previewing this before Fringe anywhere else?

I have performed it twice in the USA, in LA and Brooklyn, but never as a solo performance. Therefore, this will be the DEBUT! In the summer of 2016 critically acclaimed singer-songwriter, Joanna Wallfisch, shirked trains, planes and automobiles as means of touring in favour of a bicycle. She travelled 1,154 miles down the Pacific Coast Highway, carrying her whole world in four small pannier bags, armed with ukulele and loop pedal. Today Joanna invites audiences to saddle up and enjoy this epic tale of adventure told with vivid honesty, humour, and musicality through song and spoken word. She plays baritone ukulele, kazoo, toy piano, creates sublime vocal soundscapes on her loop pedal, and takes you on a journey from the surreal – a friendship with a fairground statue, to the dark comedy of a father and son camping trip soaked in whiskey, to the mesmerizing and meditative, as Joanna creates birdsong with her voice…
This is a journey not to be missed!!


What are you hoping your audience will leave thinking after seeing this show?

That I’m surely nuts! And that they too can do anything they set their minds to.


How long have you been preparing for Fringe? Whirlwind rehearsal schedule or has this been in the works for a while?

Well, I committed to doing the fringe in February this year, but I’ve been preparing for this all my life, if I think about it!


Three words that you’ll be shouting during the inevitable flyering this August?



Scale of 1 to 10 – how excited are you to be coming?

8/10 excited… and 10/10 terrified


Finally – where and at what time and dates can we find you during the Fringe?

I am performing:

August 11th, 14th and 23rd on the STREET UPPER STAGE at 3.10pm

August 13-18 @ Surgeon’s Hall @ 12.10 – 1pm

August 20-25 @ The Space Triplex Studio @ 8.10pm – 9pm.


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