Exclusive Interview pre-Fringe with Clara Bijl

Hello! How are you doing today?

I’m doing great, I’m always doing great. I’ve lived in America for a long time now so that’s my go to catch phrase. I’m great all the time, you know how it goes. I’m now also constantly positive, it’s exhausting. It goes without saying that I’m also always smiling now; because I’m great. Yay me!

Is this your first time at Fringe? If so, what do you expect from the festival – if not, why are you putting yourself through it again?

Yes, this is my first Fringe and I’m so excited about it. .When you think about it, it’s crazy to look forward to do something I’ve never done before.  I’m getting ready to do the Avignon off Festival in France in a few days, as soon as I’m done with Avignon, I head to Edinburgh. One summer, two festivals. So cool. I’m looking forward to being funny and watching other comics be funny as well.


Any specific role models – people you look up to?

My kids’ babysitter. She’s a true hero.


Did you just wake up one day and go you know what – I’m funny? How did you get into comedy?

My friends and I always had fun while we were hanging out so I kind of thought I was funny but I wanted to see if I was really funny, you know. After I moved to the States, I watched a lot of stand up comedy to learn English and eventually decided to give it a try. I moved to New York City, went to a comedy club, saw comedians do their thing and as I watched them I thought, “I can do this,” so I did.


What’s the show going to be about?

In ‘Clara Saves America,’ I talk about French and living in America, moving to South Carolina and then to New York before winding up in California, where I now live with cats, people and neighbors. I also talk about how I will single-handedly save America.


What tags would you put on the show? Anything for us to expect/be aware of?

My last name is pronounced “Bell”  That’s right, i’m a French comedian living in America with a Dutch last name.  We’re international here folks! Also, as far as I can tell, i’m the only comedian around with a World War I joke, so you may learn a little something too.


What are three things you always have with you when you travel?

A pen and a notebook and the feeling that I’m going to write something amazing on the airplane. I always sleep.


What do you want the audience to leave thinking?

I’m so glad I’m not French nor American.

This was very funny.

I love that Clara Bijl


What three words might we hear you shouting whilst flyering during August?

Internationally unknown comedian


Finally – where and at what time and dates can we find you during the Fringe?

Venue: Greenside at Infirmary Street Venue 236 – IVY,

Dates: 3 – 18 Aug (not 12)

Time: 23:00 hours (60 minutes)




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