Exclusive Interview with Grease’s Louisa Lytton

Hello, how did you feel to be cast in Grease?

Amazing – I grew up watching  the as did everyone else did around me. We’re all having so much fun – the cast is amazing so it’s great job and I’ve been really enjoying it.

Are you in Edinburgh already? Have you performed here before – it’s the largest theatre in Edinburgh!

So we arrive on the Monday, it’s weekly destinations at the moment on the tour – moving location every weekend. I’ve previously performed in Edinburgh with Boogie nights and already have a lot of friends living in Edinburgh so I do love the city and am looking forward to being here.

Grease has been going since March 10th so you’re half way through(little over) glad to be done or will you miss everyone?

These tours become your whole life for that year – we eat, sleep, work with the same people. It’s pa pretty intense experience but I’m always so sad when it’s over. In the industry I’m used to amazing experiences that don’t last indefinitely but are things that I’ll think highly of forever.

Hard to play Rizzo, she has so many layers?

It’s really nice to play someone different. I’m usually typecast as the girl next door often a victim role so it’s really refreshing to play someone who’s sassy and has a bit of character. Always good experience to do someone else.

Favourite song?

Without a doubt has to be Grease Lightning – I watch the boys do it every night. It’s really rocky in the show. All the songs are great though it’ll be such a great night.

Enjoying the move onto the musical scene, or want to return to soaps?

This is my first actual musical, well, my first one singing – I’ve done some before but not in this kind of part. It’s a new experience and a great learning curve. I was ready to move on to it – I’ve done a lot of theatre and TV so it was time for something new.

Playing alongside Tom Parker, how were rehearsals? Did you all rehearse together?

So Tom and I did Jump together last year so we already knew each other which was fun. It was especially nice to go into rehearsals and already know someone. I was instantly more comfortable which was so lovely. The first day at rehearsal is a little like that first day of school so it was a relief to know someone already!

It’s such a well known musical and people have already seen it in various incarnations – what makes this tour worth coming along to see?

It’s such a feel-good show and with this young cast, we’re bringing a younger feel to the show. Every generation will enjoy it whether they’ve seen the film or not as it’s such an easy story to follow. Everything’s feel-good, the story, the music, so really it’s a win-win!


Grease is playing at the Playhouse from Monday 11th to Saturday 16th.

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