Evren – Edinburgh Fringe 2018

Hidden behind the Royal Mile in a tiny venue, the crew of the spaceship Evren wake up from their extended cryo sleep early, and are left to fend for themselves as they are abandoned by their ground team and up against a new kind of black hole in the expanse of space. The set-up is a familiar one, and one I personally really like, with tensions between crew mates bubbling as they drift further and further away from Earth and their own sense of stability.

There are a lot of interesting moments in the show that would make for gripping viewing if expanded on, such as the recurring visions and hallucinations that individual crew members experience when exposed to high radiation levels, but is never addressed with enough detail. As a result, the story is quite episodic and unfortunately slow rather than tense, and does not build to a satisfying conclusion given the major emphasis on unspoken drama between characters that never actually comes to a head. There’s a lot of potential here to make a genuinely challenging and intriguing bottle-neck drama akin to the likes of Solaris or the recent audiodrama Wolf 359.

Elements of physical theatre are brought into the production to heighten the suspense and demonstrate character conflict through the body, and while there are moments where the physicality expressed is interesting, at times it seems unnecessary and fails to flow effortlessly.

‘Evren’ is enjoyable and easy to watch, featuring a small but dynamic cast who are worth watching out for in the future.

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