She Drew The Gun – Sneaky Pete’s

She Drew The Gun describe their music style as “impassioned, hypnotic and darkly ornate psych-pop” – and I’d say that label suits them to a T. Their lyrics are strong, their sound is original, and their energy is perhaps the best part of all. From the opening act to the encore songs, the whole show was an experience all its own.

The lead singer Louisa Roach has a powerful presence and a fittingly powerful voice. She gives the impression that she’s got something to say – and the whole audience is keen to hear what it is. Her lyrics pack a punch, and together with the harmonies from pianist Lucy, the vocals in each song come through wonderfully. I really loved how clear it was that Roach connects to her lyrics emotionally, which really let the audience share in her feelings, adding yet another layer to an already fantastic show.

One striking aspect of the show is its ‘psych-pop’ aesthetic. A video projected onto the wall behind the band highlights this and changes depending on the song, giving that extra bit of oompf to the overall performance. The sound is consistent with their aesthetic throughout – but it’s in no way monotonous.

She Drew The Gun really showcase their ability to take their music in many directions while staying ‘on-brand’. It leaves the audience eager to see what’s coming next. From the catchy guitar and keyboard riffs to Roach’s impressive vocals, the band knows what their assets are and plays to them incredibly well. Any album of theirs is sure to be packed with variety and consistently push the envelope of what their sound can be. Personally, I can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with.

A good indicator of how enjoyable a concert is can be found in the involvement of the crowd. Whenever Roach would announce another song, she was greeted with loud cheers that went right to the back of the room. We all clapped along to some of the songs, and many people sang along as well. After the band had left the stage, the cheers went on and on – and we couldn’t have been more delighted when they came back to perform some encore songs. When the band finished their final encore, everyone clapped, right down to the bar staff. It was clear that their message had reached everyone in the room, and that all of us had enjoyed the show greatly.

The time flew right by, and the concert ended all too soon. I would’ve gladly stayed for another hour or two, if the option had existed. As it is, I’ll be keeping my eye on the next tour dates and hope I get another chance to see She Drew The Gun perform live!

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Isa Reneman

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