Don’t Kill Your Darlings- ZOO Charteris

A wonderfully absurd show, exploring what it is to be in love and what it is to fall out of love. I was completely caught in the moment with this dangerous but delicious tale.

As I entered the auditorium and saw the feathered set and realised all the seats were reserved, even those on the stage, I thought I must have entered into a strange ride. This show was completely surreal and I loved every second of it. Lights, music and sound were used to great effect to engage the audience in this weird and wonderful world.

Ingvild Haugstad has an amazing stage presence; her face is so wonderfully expressive and innocent as she tells her story and interacts with her audience. She uses audience suggestions seamlessly, and reminds us that every love story is unique. Hilarious make up malfunctions, naughty noises, and the elephant in the room make this show utterly absurd and perfectly playful. Her cute character makes no audience member feel uncomfortable with audience interaction and participation, so get involved!



ZOO Charteris

13:15 (45 minutes) Aug 9-26

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Angela legg

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