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Dirty White Boys

Delegated to the grim war bunker rooms of the aptly named venue The Caves, at Just the Tonic, Edinburgh, and with an unfortunate morning show time, you’d be forgiven for assuming the show would be a typically “Fringe” show – on the fringe of the performance industry for a reason. Dirty White Boys however, proves this assumption wrong.

A veritable Quality Street assortment of sketches, each wrapped and written with a comic cleverness and confidently delivered by the duo, the performance made for an entertaining start to the day. Granted, the time was 11.50am, but let’s assume the average teen doesn’t voluntarily wake up before noon.

There were capes, cards, a variety of biologically-representative props (namely a baguette), and a real heart.  Presumably from a sheep or something similar. All accompanied by the usual plethora of accents and characters unofficially required in a sketch show; Deep South, Dracula etc and nevertheless equally enjoyable.

Sneaked in occasionally like an interesting coconut truffle, except infinitely more likeable, were a few serious sketches showcasing real acting talent. The pair, comprised of Jack Robertson and Chazz Redhead, based in Birmingham and London respectively, were not hampered by the inevitable technical hiccups of the first show, helped both by their comedic skill in improvising and their ingenuity in integrating enough fake cock-ups to confuse the real ones.

As for audience participation, an unfortunate soul named Will was cajoled onto the stage to read the famous Hamlet soliloquy under the guidance of the duo. Their skilful manipulation resulted in gales of laughter, and they ended the show with an original game, “Which one of us is gay?” having previously revealed the range of sexualities on offer.

The show is of the “Pay What You Want” kind, meaning on the way out the audience member either ignores the beggar’s cap or upends their wallet in it, depending on the level of enjoyment, and it is certainly leaning to the latter action. This is Dirty White Boys’ first appearance at the Edinburgh Festival, and I highly doubt their last. A dynamic duo ultimately deserving of a much fuller audience.

Dirty White Boys are on at Just the Tonic at The Caves (Venue 88), Edinburgh, August 6-14, 16-20, 11.50am 

Image credit: Georgia House

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