The Devil You Know: A Horror Play

Inspired by the likes of The Blair Witch Project and creepypasta internet forums, ‘The Devil You Know’ is, similarly, a little bit silly but wholly entertaining.

Following the less-than-wise adventures of a group of teenage movie makers, the show mixes multimedia aspects in with traditional theatre to create an impressive and effective piece of work. The footage that the team collect for their film is projected onto a white canvas for the audience to watch along, however as the tension builds the footage becomes appropriately distorted, which anticipates the clever twists in the plot. The use of ultra-violet lights for additional spookiness was also a great creative touch. The young cast are very talented and have a believable dynamic between them, managing to sustain appropriate tension throughout.

The scares that the story delivers are more shocks than anything else, triggered by loud sudden noises or images. This reliance on surprise rather than psychological horror or character-driven creepiness, may be off-putting for those who are becoming tired of the jumpscare trend in horror media. It was not frightening enough to make me look over my shoulder on the way home, but it would definitely be a show that fans of found-footage horror would enjoy with a good bucket of popcorn.

‘The Devil You Know’ suffers from some slightly confusing dream sequences and underdeveloped characters, but is ultimately a show that was made with a lot of effort and heart. It has definitely paid off and I am excited to see what the company create next.

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