The Death Hilarious: The Scum Always Rises

‘Bible-black Welsh comedy duo do sketches. They’re not a cult. They inhabit irregular folk: Creole exorcists, apelike weirdos, a homemade sex robot. But they’re not a cult. Forget what you’ve heard on the news. Also, forget your family and friends. ‘

This is the description of the Death Hilarious, a duo performing dark comedy sketches at Pleasance. I had no expectations and thankfully I didn’t as none of them could have prepared me for what was going to happen. Their sketches were fast paced and quick – they were well rehearsed and confident on stage – and the variety was rather astonishing. We traveled from some sort of bible-worshipping American community where the duo hunted for the Devil to a modern Welsh village with a sex robot with several stops in between. Their creativity must be admired, they certainly managed to find comedy in a number of places.

I personally found their type of comedy difficult to follow and occasionally couldn’t see where they were taking various sketches. A few of the sketches seemed a little self indulged and unless you found the duo themselves funny the sketches wouldn’t hold up on their own. However I must concede the audience found them hilarious and were very on board so it is likely to be my sense of humour that wasn’t quite on the same level as them.

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  1. It was utter genius and the point of having to follow the rivers of alternative and be challenged is just that….it required the mind to ebb and flow and keep up with a torrent of originality.
    Quite breathtakingly funny and your star system needs adjustment please

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