Dame Nature: The Magnificent Bearded Lady

Dame Nature is performing at Assembly George Square Theatre Omnitorium at 3pm.

Moisturise. Oil. Comb. Repeat. Dame Nature is a bearded lady who has been looking after her facial furniture for as long as she can remember. Once the star of the show, now she spends her days in the depths of her dressing room contemplating the fading roar of the crowd, lost love and the merits of Phil Collins’ solo work. 

Tim Bell looked incredible as Dame Nature – he commanded the stage as her, even though her character was very shy and hesitant to start. A very simple story it is mostly an internal monologue of Dame Nature as she tries to take the audience on a ‘backstage’ tour of her beard management, her act and gives a little insight into her life. At times very poignant, Havoc Theatre has created a balanced and sensitive work looking at the little-explored lives of bearded woman in the circus.

Have a look at this exclusive interview with Tim Bell to get a better feel for why they chose this project and at some of the information he found out about bearded woman in the Victorian era:

Exclusive Interview with Dame Nature’s Tim Bell

The performance itself was strong and it was an interesting concept but the small audience on the day I attended really did not aid the show. Dame Nature really required a larger audience as the energy fell flat throughout. Bell could really have done with a second performer for Dame Nature to bounce off – it was not a strong enough script to stand completely alone for an hour without the audience slipping away a little time at points. She relied on a lot of audience interaction and when the audience was small and reserved the show suffered and this was when another individual could have helped boost the energy. It also felt that a lot of the topic changes were too quick and without direction making her a little hard to follow.

To conclude it was an enjoyable hour long show but it needed a little bit more oomph to make it a great show.

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