This is far more than boy meets girl. Rose was 16. Eric, 18. He was a teddy boy, she was a farm girl. They met at

the lake by the daffodils. Same place Eric’s parents met 20 years earlier. Fate? Perhaps. This critically acclaimed heart-breaker carves out the bittersweet nuances of one couple’s life to a live mix-tape of New Zealand’s most iconic songs – from Crowded House to Bic Runga played on stage by a three-piece band. Daffodils is a charming, riotous and quintessentially Kiwi love story

inspired by true events and small-town family secrets.


Transforming the Traverse

stage into a New Zealand daffodil patch where romance blossoms the Bullet Heart Club brought to Fringe an enjoyable light-hearted but poignant story. With some fantastically charming Kiwi songs woven throughout the show the atmosphere was cheery and endearing. The whole audience was involved in the story from the get go, dazzled by the center lady in the band narrating her parent’s story.


The two actors, playing main characters Eric and Rose, were extremely charismatic and magnetic on stage. It was very easy to become involved in their story and invest in their relationship as it evolved and later crumbled. A realistic story, obviously due to the fact it was based on real events, where we could easily relate and imagine happening. Dwelling on the stubbornness of people and the pride that can often destroy relationships we sadly see Eric and Rose separate during the play due to many miscommunications and what the audience sees as easily resolvable arguments.


A fun romantic musical (or a play with music) the Bullet Heart Club is a company to watch.

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