The award-winning ultimate Fringe thriller returns. A woman prepares for work. Pursued by a man, she is hunter and hunted. Cut is a total work of art. A Lynchian dream that transports an audience deep into the heart of 21st-century fears: the psychological equivalent of extreme turbulence. Part installation, part theatre poem, part noir thriller, prepare to be sealed into this intimate and unforgettable experience.

Written and directed by Duncan Graham, Cut returns to Edinburgh on the back of its successful Adelaide Fringe run and Edinburgh Festival 2015 run. With an extremely talented technical team behind this production, the effect of the whole thriller stayed with the audience until long after the show had finished. Immersive to the extreme, Cut was an example of how to take a concept and execute it to perfection.

Never have I attended a show that has managed to create such a blackout as Cut. Turning the space into an intimate 25 seater with a narrow strip in the middle of the audience, with all exits and entrances sealed tightly there was nowhere for light to creep in. With a blackout every couple of minutes, symbolising each scene change or jump in time, this alone helped to create a feeling of suspense that caused the audience’s necks to tingle and jump every time the light came back on. Hannah Norris had the audience on the edge of their seats, silently moving during blackouts to new areas ready to make the audience jump when the light came up on her face – classic horror style.

Although the plot itself was a little contrived with a quite unrealistic ending that didn’t sit quite as well with the whole ‘hunted’ theme that they’d been building up to. However, it was a good twist to the story and did keep the audience suitably enthralled.

Definitely a production that is a perfect example of a polished show Cut is one to put on the calendars if it ever comes near you.

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