Courtney Act: Under the Covers

Courtney Act, the beautiful drag queen, brings her newest show to the Edinburgh Fringe. Cuddled up in the big tent at the Circus Hub she invites you under her covers into her life. We find out fascinating new titbits about this rather extraordinary queen, looking at gender fluidity and veganism whilst also hearing some incredible covers of some fantastic songs.

With a wonderful opening with It’s Oh So Quiet, Courtney captivates her audience and ensures the attention is firmly on her. Her voice is incredibly impressive with a huge range and the emotion to transport the audience wherever she wants us to go. Her show is clearly split up into different sections and a particular favourite was her naughty Courtney section. Looking ridiculously sexy she brought a new perspective to a number of songs including Ignition (too soon…?) and Don’t Cha. Her moves are impressive and her stage presence is infectious – it is impossible to watch and not clap and cheer along.

She would definitely have benefited from a bigger audience or a later slot but that is no fault of Courtney’s and I imagine as the festival ramps up it’ll grow. I appreciated her segment on her time in Celebrity Big Brother and her comments about Ann Widdecombe and her beliefs. I think it’s great when a public figure uses their platform to highlight issues and bring their own opinion to the public. During her costume changes witty clever videos were played that made the audience burst out laughing – her cooking segment was especially funny. Throughout the show, Courtney made many Drag Race quips that suited her audience but still ensured it was accessible for those audience members who have yet to watch the entire series much to their flatmates’ disappointment.

A fantastic well-thought out hour that is sure to amuse, provoke and entertain, I wouldn’t miss her for the world.

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