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Cop Car review

American B-movie ‘Cop Car’ starring and produced by Kevin Bacon, opens with two young boys, Harrison and Travis, having found a seemingly abandoned police car just after leaving home. The film splits the story between the perspective of the young boys and that of the officer played by Kevin Bacon.

Though the opening scene (a conversation between the two boys about swearing) manages to establish Harrison’s innocence, as well as the leadership role occupied by Travis, it also smacks the audience in the face with a relationship standard that should’ve been established gradually. That is to say, their first exchange very obviously represents the relationship that the audience is able to identify for themselves; the first scene then becomes redundant and obvious.

Following this opening there is continuous reiteration of childhood and youth as precious and inherently good. The film vastly improves with the introduction of Kevin Bacon, whose energetic if not erratic performance contrasts particularly well to those of James Freedson-Jackson and Hays Wellford.

Despite a slightly shaky start in this respect, the film did create a natural build which resulted in an exciting and overdramatic finale, whilst teaching the audience the incredible value of naivety and innocence by injuring everyone who employed any sense of initiative or non-conformity.
Overall ‘Cop Car’ is a decent movie, with a balance of drama, action and lighthearted relief.

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