Cirque Berserk

Cirque Berserk returns with a stunning tour of the UK, bringing its talented troupe of circus performers to theatres across Britain. Part of its charm, and uniqueness, is the company’s ability to perform in traditional theatres that would previously have been an impossible space for a circus to work in.


With all their tricks, bar one stupendously difficult one by the daredevil group, no safety equipment/lines were used adding to the tense atmosphere and making the audience sit on the end of their seats, mouths wide open, mesmerised. It is such a different experience to watch these circus acts (previously performed in the round, in big tops, in huge circus arenas) in such an enclosed space and witness first hand, up close and personal, the amazing feats these performers manage. With such a wide range of acts and performers, including an award-winning clown act, the Cirque Berserk combines the traditional acts one expects and demands from the circus with up to date, more daring acts to truly create the ultimate circus experience.


The Timbuktu Tumblers start up the show with their fantastic athletic leaps and bounds, somersaulting through loops, limbo-ing under fire, providing fantastic interludes between set changes and preparations for the different acts. Bolas Argentinas form the ringleader characters of the show, dressed to the nines in a cross between pirate uniform and a ringleader outfit. Playing the beats out with bolas, weapons from Argentina used by gauchos, their rhythm and speed is incredible to watch. Germaine also doubles up with her act of foot juggling which is fantastic to watch, almost too difficult to comprehend the dexterity with which she handles the objects she juggles, ranging from a giant dice to a spinning fire wheel. Odka proves to be the most flexible girl imaginable, unfolding from a bottle and shooting an arrow with her feet whilst in a handstand!



Duoramona and Matti are an interesting addition to the circus, working at a far slower and measured pace, their handstand act is balanced and extraordinary. Some of the moves they have perfected look so strenuous and difficult to maintain that the length they manage to do them for is a feat in itself. The Tropicana Troupe performs the most difficult tricks, flinging themselves of springboards trusting to be caught by the rest of their team members. It is for this group that the one use off the safety lines becomes necessary when an incredible back flip provides the culmination of their act. Jackie receives some of the most applause from the audience with her hair raising acrobatics hanging from two little straps as she tumbles and throws her weight around high above the stage. Kremena provides another more serene act as she effortlessly spellbinds the audience through her slow hand balancing act, giving a reprieve from the more obviously dangerous acts. The Globe of Terror was easily one of the most thrilling things to see on stage, the circle of death with the four motorbikes is fabled and one of the most distinctive daring acts, and is flawlessly performed by the Lucius Team. Traditional acts such as knife throwing, Luca as the master of the tower of chairs and aerial dancers are all part of the fantastic team that makes up Cirque Berserk.


However last to mention is the star of the show, the headliner almost, Tweedy the clown. With recurring sketches throughout the show he ensures that there is always some humour to alleviate the suspense and thrill that throbs through the audience exhausting and exhilarating them. He quickly becomes the audience favourite, enchanting all the children present, trying to copy some of the more serious acts, failures in all his attempts only adding to his charm.


To conclude, the Cirque Berserk is the ultimate trip out for the family, full of daring talented performers it is impossible for the circus not to impress and wow its audiences. It’s all very Berserkus!

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