Head First Acrobats, the masterminds behind the sell out show Elixir, return to the Fringe with a raunchy late-night cabaret of circus acts. Performing at the aptly named Circus Hub at Underbelly their show is sure to shock, turn on and thrill every audience and get their blood pumping.

Consisting of six acts the show is a smorgasbord of talent. Cal Harris, from HFA, introduces the acts with some Aussie humour that warms the audience up. Beginning with the sexy Chelsea Angel, whose costumer had some very tactically placed silver hands, the evening kicked off with a high. Using hoops she twisted and turned and wove the audience around her little finger. Angel has certainly perfected the bend and snap…

Next Gary Starr, Royal Shakespeare Company reject *who knows if this is true but it’s character building*, who initially underwhelms but it’s all part of his plan. His comedy builds and builds to Shakespeare in seconds, every genre of theatre, twerking, slapstick comedy – you name it, Starr does it. Although occasionally his dialogue was a little jarring and could do with a little polishing he was highly entertaining. His audience participation was a particular highlight with members rushing to the stage to fight to the death.

Chris Thomas enters next on the cyr wheel. Replacing Rowan Thomas for a number of nights he embodies a moody, angsty performer and absolutely entrances the audience. Audience members swoon, fans should be provided, and the cyr wheel mesmerises. Whether it’s the cyr wheel with the sex appeal or Thomas the two combined ooze beauty and have the audience drooling and forlorn when he leaves.

The internationally renowned Mr Fish is next introduced by a fawning Cal. Cal has by this point just pulled a balloon out his nose, something this reviewer really does not want to dwell on… it’s a unique part of the show that’s for sure. Mr Fish has comedy in bowl loads (literally he carries bowls on his head) and had the audience in tears from laughter.

Kali Retallack gave us a beautiful performance on the aerial hoop. Hypnotic she spins to sexy pulsing beats, mesmerizing the audience. A wonderful addition to the evening she ticked the traditional expectations from circus but was absolutely stellar.

Finally the HFA, Cal Harris and Thomas Gorham, treated us to a raunchy Game of Thrones themed acrobatic session. Defying gravity the two make the audience gasp and cheer as they show off their strength and skills. A head to head stand was particularly impressive.

There’s no doubt Circus-cision has collected some of the best circus acts to bring to the festival and a fantastic end to the evening with a pint in hand.

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