Gravity has a new master!

Somersaulting into the Edinburgh chill from South America, Circolombia brings excitement, daring feats, and plenty of amazement to the big top at the Underbelly Circus Hub. This lively and upbeat show, scored with fast-paced rap verses and infectious Latin beats, thrills with its display of mesmerising skills. From aerial gymnastics to high speed acrobatics, the performers never miss a step or slow down for a moment as the action only picks up the pace and heightens the drama with harder and more dangerous tricks.

It is impossible not to hold your breath as a woman swings over your head with only a small piece of rope to keep her from plummeting. When performers launch themselves up into the air off of see-saws it would be a challenge not to wince the moment before they hit the ground safely. It is highly probable that during one specific act of immense strength and balance that you will bite your lip to tatters. I found myself texting my mum on the way home in a dizzy excitement: ‘humans are amazing!’ And this company is definitely nothing short of amazing.

An announcement before the show reassures the audience that they are allowed to use their phones to record, photograph, or post about the performance online as it happens. However, your eyes will be so transfixed on this festival of sound and movement that any thoughts of Snapchat will be forgotten.


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