Ciarán Dowd: Don Rodolfo

Ciarán Dowd, a member of the sketch group BEASTS, storms into Pleasance’s That studio as the dashing outrageous Don Rodolfo. A late night show Dowd knows exactly what type of audience he’ll be getting and milks it for all its worth!


The greatest swordsman alive this Spanish stallion (albeit with a sketchy slightly Irish tinted Spanish accent) is taking the audience on a whirlwind tour of his life story. Prepared to be amazed, dazzled, seduced and made to laugh until your bellies hurt throughout the show. Rodolfo completely immerses the audience in his story, picking on some members, flirting with others, engaging with different groups throughout the night to ensure everyone is equally involved.

What I particularly liked about Dowd was the clear enjoyment he took from his audience’s amusement and often laughed with us all. The montage was particularly funny and the technical staff were on it with the rapid light changes as we saw Rodolfo’s Herculean training take place at full speed. The final reflection was a wonderful summary of the rambunctious evening we had just experienced with a cherry on the top ending with a final swordfight between Rodolfo and his beautiful nemesis of the eve.

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