Cathy: A Retelling of Wuthering Heights – Edinburgh Fringe

This retelling of Wuthering Heights is sadly a confusing, rushed affair, that seems to offer no further development on the characters than in the original.

Despite being the eponymous character, Cathy barely has the opportunity to be properly in the spotlight, and we rarely get to see the deeper aspects of her personality. The other characters also lack a sense of complexity, and are relegated to stereotypes: the drunk estate owner, the snarky maid.

Furthermore, their interactions with one another seem stilted, or erupting into arguments without warning, and I think the overall progression of the story depends too much on audience members having prior knowledge of the plot as several moments were unclear and sudden. Lack of clear communication of the story’s narrative and character motivations made it easy to lose interest.

The live piano music was well performed and composed, and there are songs which allow the cast to harmonise wonderfully. However, there is a flat atmosphere throughout that makes initial mishaps difficult to recover from.


Cathy runs until the 17th of August – buy tickets here.

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