The Drift – Traverse Theatre

The Drift is a spoken word piece written and performed by Hannah Lavery. It gorgeously asserts the active nature of history in Scotland today. In 2014, Lavery’s father died just when they were starting to talk after a period of estrangement. In The Drift, Lavery explores how her uncertain relationship with her father informed and defined her relationship with Scotland as a person of ‘mixed’ ethnicity, and how that link is just as important today as it ever was.

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Accident Avoidance Training for Cutlery Users – Edinburgh Fringe

This afternoon I received a serious investment in my wellbeing. This was provided by Ian Crawford, an adviser from the Steel and Cutlery Manufacturers Association. His talk on the horrific injuries caused by cutlery was shocking. It also happens that it was an extremely hilarious experience, which doesn’t say much for my compassion.

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