Cat Hepburn: #GIRLHOOD – Edinburgh Fringe

Spoken-word poetry has meant that an art form once defined only by Keats and Wordsworth has brought itself into the genre of performance, with important social justice issues often taking the forefront of subject matter. Cat Hepburn proves herself to be no different, and provides a strikingly honest, relatable, and funny hour of poetry and performance.

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Space Junk: A Soviet Musical

I went into this show with the idea that it could help me learn more for work – part of my day job involves educating young people about the Space Race – but then the first man in space was brutally assaulted by a bottle of vodka (no, not wielded as a weapon, an actual bottle with sentience and everything specifically targets him) and I realised that some aspects of astronaut life are better glossed over for the kiddos.

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