Michael Legge: The Idiot – Edinburgh Fringe

There are some acts that I watch where I spend as much time worrying about their vocal chords as I do enjoying their material. Michael Legge is one such act, who rarely seems to lower the decimal level below that of a furious shout, leaving you imagining his throat shredded like the angriest of metal band frontmen. Luckily, however, his material tends to be strong enough to overcome the worry. 

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Marjolein Robertson: Da Shetland Spree – Edinburgh Fringe

Shetland is somewhere I have never really thought too much about. Even having visited it as a teenager, I’m sad to say I can only really remember fields and a ceilidh involving men dressed as Vikings (which you would think would have piqued my interest more than it did). Having seen Marjolein Robertson’s Da Shetland Spree, I’m starting to wish I’d taken in my surroundings more. 

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