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Cameron outlines desired EU reforms

David Cameron has today announced his four goals for EU reform, which he hopes to achieve ahead of the 2017 EU in/out referedum. The British Prime Minister set out his goal in a speech and in a letter written to Donald Tusk, President of the European Council. Although the demands have met with scepticism from within the UK, Angela Merkel said “we want to work through these proposals with the aim of working towards a solution”.

Cameron set out four key areas, which are: protecting the single market; cutting bureaucracy to boost competitiveness; excusing Britain from “ever-closer union” and restricting EU migrants’ access to benefits like tax credits.

This story is seen by the Young Perspective editorial team as an important story in shaping the news agenda, so has been covered briefly above. However, due to limited resources, a full article cannot be produced at this time. The following links provide coverage and reaction to this story: BBC News, Labour Press Office and David Cameron’s speech in full.

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