The Cambridge Footlights International Tour Show 2019: Look Alive! – Pleasance Dome

This Fringe, The Cambridge Footlights are offering to take their audience on a whistle stop tour of our peculiar little planet and the even more peculiar people who live on it.  They succeed in representing such a universe through a series of comedy sketches featuring mimes, baby sitters and the ever-elusive Elon Musk.

It is infamously difficult to produce original comedy at the Fringe, where every sketch troupe is trying their hardest to out-quirk each other.  However, I can safely assure you that Cambridge Footlights have, for the most part, managed it!

They have tailored and edited their sketches to put the most bizarre twists on regular every day occurrences.  Watch as a Spanish Listening exam becomes the scene in which a man’s home life falls apart in a comedically traumatic manner.  Or, enjoy a silent disco that is converted into a Harry Potter audio-book free-for-all.  This might not make too much sense when written in a 300 word review, however on stage it really does make for excellent viewing.

Of course, not all sketches were as original as others: a quip about the John Lewis Christmas ad didn’t feel quite as fresh as what had come before it.  Still, this highlighted the innovation, which the director (Noah Geelan) and the rest of the cast have injected into most of the sketches by comparison.  Equally, the long dance sequence at the start of the show was an unnecessary instalment, lacking the charm of the sketches that follow.

Special mention must go to Angela Channell, whose characterisation and body language made the sketches she featured in truly hilarious.  Alex Franklin also gave stellar performances as Elon Musk and a man who, for some reason, lives in the Cluedo house.  Such unique comedy will not be leaving my head until the Fringe has shut its doors once again.

Be sure to catch Look Alive! in the Pleasance Dome at some point this Fringe.

Running: 31st July- 26th August.

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