Buzz: A New Musical (Fat Rascal Theatre: Pleasance Courtyard)

This award-winning musical does not disappoint. ‘Buzz’ is a triumphant story of a young woman’s exploration into her own sexuality after her douche-bag boyfriend breaks her heart. Written by the very talented Robyn Grant, this play hits on the many awkward moments of modern womanhood and tells us to embrace them. The uncomfortable first visit to Ann Summers, the STD fear, the dreaded gynaecologist appointment and finally someone mentions the now named ‘Post-Coital Cum Run’.

Within the first five minutes we were greeted with a clitoris puppet, introduced as the greatest discovery of man kind. I must warn, the play is littered with the c-word, so not suitable for a younger audience. However if you are a man and wondering if the topic will exclude you, please don’t let this deter you. You will laugh no matter what gender.

There are certainly many rude giggle-worthy gags on sex, however there is also a maturity that you would not expect from a musical about sex toys. The show side tracks into a ‘Horrible Histories’ style education exploring Cleopatra’s vibrator, the Hysteria epidemic and even a look at the Greek God’s relationship to sex.

Bursting with catchy yet complex songs that wouldn’t sound out of place on the West End. With Grant’s clever lyrics and the composer, James Ringer-Beck, this team is certainly one to watch out for. There are no bum-notes in the cast, all proving their professional acting ability and flawless harmonies.

Our lovable protagonist, Angie, played by Allie Munro has a young Miranda Hart feel to her characterisation. An upbeat silliness, yet an internal British embarrassment. Grant doesn’t just showcase her writing but also performs, giving a standout performance with a stunning voice and hysterical facial expressions. Playing the lovable best friend Chrissy who reminded me of Jennifer Saunders from Ab Fab.

As Angie says, this is not a Disney film or a fairytale just a modern women’s life and her struggles. ‘Buzz: A New Musical’ (with help from Beyoncé’s ‘Singe Ladies’) promotes inner confidence and owning the female body.

I highly recommend this play. Funny, smart and unapologetically empowering.

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Rhona Mackay

Rhona Mackay

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