Buried: A New Musical

In a non-descript bar, two charming 20-somethings, Rose and Harry, hit it off while speed dating. At the end of the night, Rose invites Harry back to her place for a nightcap. There’s only one snag: both are planning on killing the other. Buried asks what happens when two murderous psychopaths join forces and go on a bloody, emotional adventure together. Their darkly funny and strangely relatable journey through life provides for an hour of witty comedy.

By crafting tragic backstories and very human character traits for the two heroes, Buried manages to deftly compel the audience to root for its protagonists. Throughout the daft escapades of Rose and Harry, Buried manages to question what it is to be human in a thoughtful, sombre way. By the time reality causes their dreams to come crashing down around them, Buried has invested the audience in Rose and Harry with remarkable efficacy given their deep character flaws.

There is an electrifying chemistry between the two leads. Lindsay Manion’s smart, strong Rose and Sebastian Belli’s mild-mannered unassuming Harry both prove to be likeable, engaging characters. As conflicts develop between their characters through the play, both actors foster a wonderful empathy from the audience. Similarly, the ensemble cast sets an astonishingly high bar for versatility. Playing parts from young girls to Kermit the Frog, they manage to be effortlessly funny.

Credit must be given to the clever, compact set design. This transports the audience from bar, to motorway, to prison with ease. This allows the musical to easily create multiple locations without impacting the pace of the show.

Buried has all the makings of a successful new musical, with strong vocal performances all round, excellent choreography and catchy – oftentimes folksy – tunes performed to perfection by the 5-piece band. Ultimately, it shows that even with limited resources, a potential for greatness exists at Fringe that few other musicals realise.


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